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How To Copy Xbox Games


It’s a good idea to protect your original and costly Xbox 360 games by making a backup copy. To have the ability to do this you must learn how to copy Xbox 360 games onto a blank CD or DVD. In this article I will therefore explain the easy and fast approach to copy your Xbox disks.

An accurate copy of your original Xbox disk will mean you can stow your original genuine games disk in a secure place while you enjoy the copied disk for playing your game every day. The problem is that average CD/DVD burning software package that you make use of to burn music CDs or video DVDs will not be able to produce a precise copy of any of your Xbox 360 games disks. The main reason for this is that your original video game disks for games consoles such as the Xbox 360 utilize a copy protection mechanism that stops the owner from copying them to blank disks.

In the past there was no straightforward method to copy Xbox 360 disks, so you had to make hardware modifications or apply a software mod on your console system and then follow a difficult procedure in order to at long last backup an original Xbox disk. Obviously making hardware modifications to your games console isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons like perhaps damaging your game console.

So to solve this problem there are now special game copy programs that are able to make exact backup copies of your original disks. These special programs are often capable of backing up disks for all the major games consoles including Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2,/PS3, Gamecube, PC games, Dreamcast etc. All you need to do is obtain and install one of these special game copy programs onto your Windows PC, that must also contain a read/write DVD drive plus some blank disks and you’ve got all you need to start backing up all your original Xbox 360 and other games disks onto new disks.

Therefore if you have a few or perhaps a lot of games disks; possible for different types of games consoles, all that’s needed is just one special games copy program installed on your PC to backup all your different disks. This games copy program must have the following features:-

1. The software program must be able to make a precise disk copy of any of the major games consoles such as Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC Games, Dreamcast, Gamecube.

2. The copying program must have full instructions on how to copy any video game disk and should ideally include video tutorials that teach you how to copy games.

3. The copied game disk must play on your games console with no problems.