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How To Pack Clothes For Summer Vacation


How much and what should go in the suitcase? Most bulging suitcases are filled with extra dress clothes, heavy robes and jackets, clothes that easily wrinkle and rapidly become unwearable, and shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

Packing Wrinkle-Free Vacation Clothing

The best packable fabrics are knits, polyester blends and cotton blends. Knits are very popular, and many travelers use mix and match pieces for every occasion. However, knits can be too warm for some and also tend to be very clingy. Polyester and polyester blends also travel well, and are a good alternative. These items are usually wash and wear and will be dry the next day, very important when changing locations often. The layered look is also perfect for changeable climates.

Linen is tempting because it is cool and comfortable. But contrary to popular belief, linen doesn’t travel well. A linen blazer packed in a suitcase a night or two can turn into a wrinkled rag not even a travel steamer could fix. Despite what the ads say you, there is no such thing as wrinkle-free linen. Unless one really loves the slightly rumpled look or doesn’t mind ironing every night, it is better to leave the linen at home.

One hundred percent cotton is another fabric that can wrinkle badly. Cotton is unpredictable. Wear the item and wash it first to see how it handles. If it wrinkles badly, leave it at home. Cotton blouses are less wrinkly if blended with a synthetic, such as rayon or nylon.

Packing Shoes for a Trip

People only have two feet. And yet they think they need six to eight pairs of shoes. The rule on a fairly short vacation trip is no more than two pair. Those pairs should consist of one pair of walking or sightseeing shoes, and one pair of dress or better shoes, ideally, sandals that can double for dress shoes. However, rules are made to be broken, and slipping in an extra pair of light dress shoes usually won’t overload the suitcase. But three pairs is the absolute limit.

Most people make the mistake of buying brand new shoes for a trip. New shoes should be broken in by wearing them around the house. Try to avoid bringing bulky shoes that take up a lot of room.


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