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Indian Forces Prepared To Intervene Maldives Political Crisis


India has taken all the required preparedness including keeping Armed forces on standby for any contingency in the Maldives. The action could be evacuating Indian tourists and even military intervention in the archipelago. However, as of now there is no such political directive.

It is learned the dedicated armed forces that closely monitors the developments into neighborhood could be deployed within a very short notice.

Even the Indian Navy warships that keep patroling on the western seaboard could be diverted to the archipelago. Apart from these, India has some defence personnel too in Maldives under defence cooperation agreement.

A source said, “India is also helping Maldives establish coastal surveillance radar system (CSRS) stations.”

The Indian Air Force has rugged C-130J “Super Hercules” and C-17 Globemaster-III, and both the aircrafts have the capability of swiftly airlifting heavy loads and combat-ready troops. The four-engine C-17s can land at small runways and can transport a 70-tonne load to a distance of 4,200-km in a single hop. For smaller 20 tonnes airlifting the C-130J can be used.

In 1988 the Indian naval warships and paratroopers rushed to Maldives to thwart coup attempt. It was named as ‘Operation Cactus’ and taken place under Rajiv Gandhi government.

Abdulla Ameen is currently the president of Maldives since 2013 and has been heavily criticized over power of freedom and speech.


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