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Three Famous Native Americans In Hollywood


There are countless pages out there on the web telling you about the already well known personalities. Everyday we get to read tabloid magazines filled with nothing more than celebrity talk. However some of these celebrities really deserve to be eligible for such fame; take Bill Gates for example. But just for a change, let’s explore some of the well known personalities from a different angle.

Surprisingly you might not know how many celebrities are not actually of the origin, we think they are. So let’s shed some light on these already shining stars.

Cameron Diaz

The first who should be in the list is of course Cameron. However, by no means can anyone say that she looks like a Native American as she is a perfect blonde, but has her ancestral lines linked with the Native Americans. Thus, making her a main stream celebrity in Hollywood belonging to native origins.

Johnny Depp

Another startling personality that exists in the list of Hollywood Native Americans is Johnny Depp. He has admitted that his great grand mother is of native origins and he also considers himself as native indeed.

James Garner

The Academy Award winning television and film actor is another prime celebrity in Hollywood who has his roots linked to the prestigious race of the Native Americans. James Garner too like Johnny Depp, belongs to the Cherokee tribe as stated by his mother.