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Tips To Forgive Ex And Resolve Breakup


Acknowledge The Break Up

The first step involves getting in touch with reality, and that means it’s essential to acknowledge your breakup. Acknowledging the truth helps you to move on, which in this case helps you to stop living in denial and begin moving forward so that you can start to concentrate on the right steps to getting an ex back and not get depressed all day long.

You’ll also become more clearheaded, which lets you pinpoint the problems that led to your breakup, then solve them one at a time to be able to move toward making up with your ex.

Forgive Your Ex and Yourself

The second of the four steps to getting an ex back is to forgive yourself and your ex. From step 1, you must have already realized the main reason that led to your breakup. So do forgive your ex if he/she was the reason, but in addition forgive yourself if you were the reason.

By forgiving yourself and your ex, you’ll move toward a successful make up. Otherwise, all you’ll feel about yourself and your ex are negative feelings that prevent you from making up.

Start Anew

If you’re already done with steps 1 to 3, it’s time to start anew with your ex, and that is the final step. That should be easy because you’ve already forgiven yourself and your ex in step 2, so you’ll have no trouble forgetting the past and moving on.

Starting over does not imply there wouldn’t be problems, so do manage your expectations that you will meet problems along the way. Take your time to get things right again and do not suppose that problems meant you and your ex weren’t meant for each other.


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