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Top 5 Places For Romantic Breakfast In Singapore


There are many nice restaurants around Singapore that serves up good breakfast, but finding a nice romantic spot for some special moments with your loved one is not as easily found. We have sieved through lots of restaurants to shortlist the following 5, that we believe are really nice places to spend a romantic morning.

Of note is that our main criteria for selection would be ambience and environment of the place. We believe that as long as the food quality is not dirt, ambience is the most important thing that sets up the perfect romantic breakfast. We definitely do not claim that they are the best 5 places in Singapore, but just 5 places that we would recommend if you are looking for a nice place to bring your date for a breakfast. Enjoy.


Located strategically within the peaceful and serene embrace of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Halia is one of the most romantic places to have breakfast with a loved one. The immediate access to the beauty of the Botanic Gardens makes it a perfect place for an after-meal stroll in the park.

Parco Caffe

If you long for a nice quiet and peaceful breakfast without the usual thronging crowds, Parco is hard to go wrong. It is located within the tranquil Raeburn Park, which means it is very hard to get to without a car. The good thing is that the tranquility of the place is seldom disturbed by noisy families with kids. The calmness of the place is evident the moment you step in, with lots of natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the high ceiling.

Skyve Elementary Bistro

Skyve is a beautifully decorated restaurant that is also away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It’s very modern and chic decor with lots of light is a very intimate place for breakfast or brunch. A nice large alfresco seating is also available for those who enjoy the fresh natural air outside.

Privé Café

Enjoy the sun and the waterfront while sharing a beautiful romantic breakfast together. That is what you’ll get at Prive Cafe. There are very few places in Singapore where you can sit right by the waters and see boats and yachts. The alfresco seatings are ample and comfortable while the tranquility of the bay floods the place. This is definitely one of the spots to bring a loved one for a nice romantic breakfast.


Having breakfast at Graze is like waking up in a private retreat amidst lush rainforest. It’s alfresco dining area is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely romantic breakfast. Being out of the city centre and some distance from shopping malls, blocks it from the thongs of crowds with children that might disturb the tranquility of the place.