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Visit Desert Fair In Jaisalmer (Rajasthan, India)


Comes february and Jaisalmer begins to swing with the tunes of the rustic Rajasthan.The Jaisalmer Desert Festival has now become a calendar event which is organised by Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation every year.

Folk dances: The hallmark of this festival are folk dances like ghoomar, moria, chari, dhap, gair and kalblia. Young Rajasthani girls dancing to the beats of dholaks and swaying to the tunes of sarangi enchant the tourists who throng this desert town.

At night, the city looks like a dreamland that exists somewhere in the world of fancies . The lunar splendor affects all dancers and their respective audience. The Kalbelia dancers are the most popular and are equated with the famous belly dancers of Egypt. The girls wear long black skirts, blouses and odhnis embroidered in silver and respond to the beat of the music in such a synchronized manner that the multitude of creativity seems to emanate from the blanket of sand. The awe-inspiring fire dance is also performed for the cheering crowd. Even the sand dunes seem to come alive as they witness this spectacular event.

The dance and music shows are performed at the Poonam stadium just below the Jaisalmer fort. This setting, which symbolises the glory of Rajasthan, is just right for the festival. As the beats of drums and movements of dancers gain momentum, the whole atmosphere reverberates with synergy

Entertainment: People come in droves to be a part of this event. In fact, one can’t help dancing and singing with dancers even if one may not understand the language. Another attraction of the desert fair is a parade of camels and the vivid colours that Rajasthan is so well known for.

There is everything for someone who intends to go wild- camel rides, a turban tying competition, the Mr Desert contest and even a prize for the most impressive mustache. Other attractions include camel races and camel polo. Tourists can also buy silver jewelry and woven fabrics from vendors, at the fair.