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Why Biotin Deficiency Causes Less Hair Growth


Pushing up the older hair cells up above is what hair growth about. When essential nutrients for hair growth are deficient, the force required to push the hair up simply does not come up. The hair does not grow. Something that makes the hair grow is absent and the hair cells sleep somewhere in a primordial corner. The basic cells for the hair are not formed as well. Something is missing. Probably Biotin!

Biotin Deficiency does a lot of stuff when it comes to making hair grow. When there is not enough biotin, the factor or force that triggers the hair to grow is not there and the hair does not grow. So, it takes biotin to put the hair growing processes back in to place. Hair can of course be chemically stimulated to a fairly good cycle, but risks might or might not follow depending upon the resistance of the person involved.

The interlocking cells called as cuticle, which are assembled like scales, make the hair shaft. When it comes to improving the quality of the hair, it is about working with hair shaft and the quality of the cells there in. Moisture content and cuticle are closely related. When it comes to stimulating good hair growth moisture content of the cuticle does matter, and this is why there is so much about not drying the hair too much than needed.

When it comes to dealing with hair that is damaged, we need to know that is about the damage of the cuticle we are dealing with. The cortex is that which provides the hair with its natural color by virtue of the pigmentation. So, when we are dealing with hair growth problems we are to address quality in terms of hair color and moisture as well. Fixing Biotin deficiency helps fix a full round of problem related to hair.