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Why To Invest In Silver


Silver has become rather a popular precious metal. It’s supposed to be able to outclass gold in the nearer future. First of all silver supply is relatively low in the world to compare with the general amount of gold. It means that silver is rarer than gold which results in a much bigger demand for this metal. Secondly silver is mostly used in different industries, especially electronics. It’s not likely to be simply stored or used for jewelry when compared with gold. So the humanity requires silver.

In order to draw your investment interest to silver I’d like to tell you about some peculiar details closely connected with the history of its application. The curative properties of silver were known in antiquity. This is illustrated in medical works written in Sanskrit. Herodotus also wrote about such qualities of silver. The Persian king Cyrus, during his military campaigns, enjoyed drinking the water, preserved in the sacred silver vessels.

The ancient Persians knew that the “plated” water will protect them from various diseases, widespread in the ancient world, whether it is typhoid or cholera. The ancient Greeks and Romans kept different liquids in the silver plate, knowing that in this way they would get a positive effect on the human body.

For centuries, great antibacterial properties of silver have been being used in the treatment of many inflammatory diseases. It is well known, for example, that about 2500 years before Christ, Egyptian soldiers used silver for the treatment of combat wounds. They use to put on wounds very thin silver plates and wounds got healed quickly. During the World War II, the same excellent results of wound healing were achieved by Russian doctors.

They simply applied bandages, which were covered with a thin layer of silver. In the folk medicine of the East silver is traditionally used over a thousand years. Early American settlers moving to the Wild West, kept some milk in bottles with a silver dollar on the bottom. Since the IV century AD, the silver was used for the manufacture of kitchen facilities and tableware for the noble families of Europe. In cookbooks of that time it was mentioned it would be better to cook food in a silver dish. Before our time in Egypt, the tradition of wedding table with served chicken, baked in silver foil was known.

If start listing all areas of silver application in different industries I won’t be able to finish this by the evening. In fact if you are interested in silver investment I don’t advise you considering metal accounts to be your primary investment tool. You’d better preserve silver as well as bullions and coins. Just be sure that silver is a relatively reliable asset for preserving your capital.