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Boat Camping Gear List


If you plan a boat camping, it will be a good idea to start your camping gear list with the following essentials for your boat:

(1) map, chart and compass

(2) first aid kit

(3) a hat and sunscreen

(4) multi-purpose tool with knife

(5) matches, lighters, or other fire starters

(6) a minimum of at least two quarts of water per person each day, and just in case, a water filter and water purification tablets

(7) camping food, camping stove and fuel

(8) at least one device for signaling such as a mirror or whistle

(9) a flashlight or headlight with extra batteries and bulb, one for each person in your party

(10) always bring your rain gear and extra clothes, as well as your swim gear. Boat camping obviously means you are playing around water, and at some point you will get wet

(11) 50 to 75 feet of nylon cord

(12) some form of insect repellant for those annoying bugs

(13) portable toilet with the essentials that go with it

(14) a paddle and floatation device for each person

(15) duck tape for everything else. You will probably be able to add to the list of uses for duck tape after your boat camping trip.

It is also suggested that you take the following camping gear:

(16) a radio to check on weather reports

(17) an additional paddle just in case someone loses his

(18) a line to tie-down your boat

(19) chairs or back rests

(20) a boat repair kit

(21) some kind of bailer and a sponge – a one gallon plastic container that is cut-out works just great

(22) float bags

(23) some rope for the front and back of your boat that is around 20 feet long.