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Kamala Mill Fire Incident’s Investigation Report Released


Fire department has released a report on fire incident late last month in Mumbai that ripped through two upscale restaurants. It reveals flying embers from charcoal could have come in contact with the curtains.

Fourteen people were left dead in the accident that took place just few days ahead of the new year. Eleven of them were young women in the age group of 20 to 30 years. Their bodies were found in the toilet and it is believed they tried to escape the fire running into the area. The bodies were piled up and suffocation is the main cause of their death.

Charcoal was used for hookahs at the Mojo’s Bistro and the fire department said both the restaurants didn’t had any clearance to serve either liquor or run the hookah bar.

It is learned from the preliminary probe report the bouncer had no clue how to react when the fire broke and suggested everyone to escape running towards toilet area.

The report reads, “He should have guided the stranded people to the emergency escape route which could have saved the life of these people… security personnel were not aware of the emergency escape.”

One of the bouncers was found dead too in the toilet area.

Meanwhile, the owner of ‘1 Above’ restaurant is on the run and police has started the hunt with announcement of reward money of Rs 1 lakh to anyone who has clue about his hiding.

Managers of the restaurants have been arrested.


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