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Understand Shoe Design Before You Shop For A Pair


Understanding shoe designs has an impact on the shoes you choose and can ultimately transform the way you look.

There are lots of different styles and designs. High heels flat shoes trainers/tennis shoes boots ankle boots knee high boots various heel styles sling backs mules strappy shoes sandals and flip flops are some of the known terms to name.

However, basically there are eight primary shoe designs and those are:

-Monk Strap

All the styles and designs that come and go are actually just variations of these basic eight. For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily look for a ‘pump’ when you actually wanted a ‘high heel shoe’.

Other writers of shoe publications have divided their shoe designs into different categories, for instance:

-Court Shoes and Pumps
-Evening Shoes
-Clogs, Platforms and Wedges
-Loafers and Moccasins

The variations are endless and the names given to heels or particular styles make things even more complicated.

Generally every shoe will fit into one of the first eight shoe design categories. The examples below give you a good idea of the eight categories and what shoes fit into them:

Pumps are essentially a shoe the foot just fits into. A high heel would be a pump or a flat or small heel would be a pump trainers and tennis shoes would also fit this category.

Oxfords are lace up flat shoes brogues would come into this category. Picture a feminie version of a mans flat lace up shoe.

Sandals Anything that reveals more of the foot is considered a sandal straps or no straps. A flip flop is a sandal. Strappy high heels would also be sandals.

Boot Long short or calf length, laced, zipped or slip on with or without heel.

Moccasin Slightly more confusing but the best example here is Patrick Cox or a loafer. Visualise a moccasin and you can get an idea of what shoes fit into this category.

Mule is also known as a slip on or slide. Basically closed toe with no back.

Monk Strap Oxford shoe but has a strap across the front rather than laces.

Clog Picture the tulips and Amsterdam and you get the picture but platforms and wedges also come under this category.

Do you know the heels too have variations and some are as below:

Heels Stiletto heels are a very high heel with a very thin spike of metal running through the heel.

Kitten heels are also known as Sabrina heels. Quite popular these days because you get the heel without too much height. As you can see from the photo they are only a couple of inches high, and sometimes less.

Wedge heels are obviously anything which forms a wedge on the sole of the shoe.

Understanding shoe designs and what each can do for your appearance will enhance your shopping experience.
The secrets are in the shoes – its not just about wearing them, its what they can do for you.


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