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India Has Seen Jobless Growth Under Modi Government: Chidambaram


Congress leader P Chidambaram said prime minister Narendra Modi is clueless how to create jobs. In a series of tweets he added that India has seen a jobless growth in the past three years period.

The former minister was responding to last week’s Modi’s remark when he said even a person who is selling pakodas and earning Rs 200 a day is considered as employed.

Budget session of the parliament is just to start and ahead of it the social media has been flooded with #Pakodafor2019, #Pakoda, #PakodaRojgar and #pakodanomics. Job creation could be the main focus in this year’s budget.

In the UPA government headed by prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh the leader handled finance portfolio.

One of his tweets read, “Another minister wanted MGNREGA workers to be counted as holding jobs. So they are job holders for 100 days and jobless for 265 days.”

Meanwhile, following Modi’s comment in a televised interview the Congress workers sold pakodas outside BJP office.

Chidambaram said there should be distinction between job and self-employment, and asked how many jobs have been created that is certain, regular and reasonably secured.

Congress has widely accused the Modi government of failing to create jobs.

Jobs could be the main issue in the 2019 general election.


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