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Too Much Stress In Life May Lead To Hair Loss


If you find someone or hear some say that his or her hair is falling and is found everywhere-on the bed, in food, in the comb and eventually the hair on head is reducing. You may find this humorous but it can actually with anyone, even with you. Stress can be a chief factor of hair loss. In fact, these are twin factors, because when you are under stress, you are bound to baldness.

Stress and hair loss are intertwined. People who drink coffee for breakfast, gobble burgers during lunch or smoke to get rid of stress are often victims of hair loss. Thus in short we can say people leading a disorganized life due to stress or pressure suffer from pattern baldness the most.

Due to over load of work pressure most of the youngsters are under stress. You can find graying of hair among these people. Therefore hair loss and stress are the chief reasons for causing premature hair growth among the youth. The condition of your hair well reveals the fact that you are under rigorous stress. The reason for balding due to stress can arise because of illness, malnutrition etc.

You can be under stern stress if you undergo a change in environment in your work place. Many times your hair loss due to stress can become actually visible. The main reason for baldness to occur is the extreme load that one has to bear for achieving the desired goals, earning and also handling the work pressure.

Mental stress in people especially among youngsters can arise if there is lack of exercise, frantic work schedules and also for juggling commitments and moving from one place to another. This mental stress can have some effects on your eating habits as well. Improper dietary routine can result in baldness like if there is lack of vitamins in your diet then you are most likely to suffer from hair loss.

Many times a person can suffer from stern mental stress after undergoing any form of surgery for some disease. This kind of mental stress can also lead to hair fall. In such condition try to relax and don’t get hyper since this condition can be easily corrected. Once you get rid of your stress you get rid of your hair loss as well since both the factors are interlinked.

If today’s youth are not keen on taking green vegetables then there is a likelihood that they are going to suffer from iron deficiency in the long run which will further result in anemia even further causing anxiety. Thereby, ultimately leading to stress and hair loss.

Use of cosmetics, repeated coloring, perming, using shampooing which has harmful chemicals and straightening are the other causes of hair loss, besides stress. Use of such things damages the hair follicles and may lead to baldness.

Relaxing, meditation, yoga, following hair—care regime and proper diet will alleviate stress and hair loss problems. If you just relax, quit smoking, and lead a less complicated and simple life then you will be relieved of your stress and thus you can definitely prevent baldness.